Goal 1: Leadership and Innovation

Students are innovative, ethical, problem solvers able to lead and manage through communication, collaboration and reflection. 

1.a.  Students are able to evaluate critically, reflect, and problem solve individually as well as collaboratively.   LIS 5020 - Creating a poster of the Roles of Library Information Specialists offered options of the areas I could specialize after training as an information specialist. 

LIS 6603 Practice with reference examples began from the start of training.

1.b. Students demonstrate effective communication skills. LIS 5937 - Developing outreach extends the mission beyond the doors of the library as grants were written to ascertain items for schools (see STEM pic below)

1.c. Students participate in professional and community engagement activities in the field. CoCurricular Activity-As a member of BCALA, I serve on committees to develop diverse booklists. 

LIS 6409- Researching the need for diverse librarians and serving on committees to advocate as well. 

1.d. Students demonstrate leadership skills and innovation in a diverse and global environment.

LIS 5020 Mack Elevator Speech and Blog 

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Goal 3: Knowledge Representation

Students are proficient in the theory and application of skills essential for knowledge representation in evolving technology environments, in any chosen area of specialization.

III.a.Students analyze, organize, and describe various formats of information objects. 

LIS 6711 - Discussing the differences in keyword and subject word controlled vocabularies in relation to content areas. 

LIS 5937- Web Design - Create code for websites designed as a way to describe information. (see html code example below)

III.b. Students identify and apply best practices in the use of different technologies for knowledge representation.  

LIS 6711 - Curating lists of books related to books in verse and matching to movies can support displays, author/book trivia, or global connections.

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Goal 2: Systems and Services

Students understand the systems and technologies that facilitate the management and use of information resources to serve the diverse needs of users. 

II.a. Students identify and analyze diverse information needs of individuals and communities. LIS 6603 Children's Summer Reading Fun LibGuide - Created with peers to support the needs of parents, children and use of reference skills. 

II.b.  Students evaluate and select print and digital information resources and systems to meet needs of users. 

LIS 5566 Developing online book review resources to encourage youth to read new books.

LIS 6565- Multicultural book award lists support ways to curate diverse collections.

LIS 6511 - Collection Development at the school level meets the needs of students and teachers. 

II.c. Students understand and use appropriate information technology for information services.

LIS 6631 - Increasing knowledge of Health Librarians to include reference interview and health research support.


Goal 4: Theory and Praxis

Students have a critical grounding in theoretical perspectives that draw on research in LIS as well as other fields of knowledge, that inform their professional practices including research, organization, management, and access to information.  

IV.a. Students will describe applications of quantitative and qualitative research methodologies in library and information science.

LIS 6271 Research Proposal for a Makerspace to support student academic loss from the pandemic through infusing science and engineering education with equity through Makerspaces.

IV. b. Students will identify opportunities for research and develop plans for research in applied settings in library and information science.  LIS 6409 Strategic Plan for the library to support the school in implementing STEM through a Makerspace implementation.

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