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On this journey around the sun, I see a diverse reflective, community conscious, forward thinking, innovative literate collaborator.

Reading in house and globally.

How do you tell your story? Everyone has a story and the only way to hear it is to be present. We can do that through ways we organize, describe, analyze and curate information. This Wakelet is curated for (FAME) Florida Association for Media in Education from a very diverse perspective. Check it out.


Moving to and fro, looking near and far, deep and wide, she found the perfect place to offer the world her best.

STEAM In the Library

Serving schools and communities through avenues that increase student and family engagement and prepare students for careers in an increasing tech world.


Whether we are reading to get information or reading for relaxation, we are waking to the use of books for information, inspiration and arising with intellectualism. The library is a growing organism.

Growing readers

One book, One school was a dream I've had for years as a teacher, and now as a librarian I get to see it come into fruition. Thanks to Kwame and his Playbook, my belief in Ranganthans 5 Laws of Library in Science, my tribe and NEA's belief in action research.